• Semantic Search initiatives with emphasis on SearchMonkey and BOSS Projects

• Created the design and usability of the SearchMonkey semantic search platform ecosystem to developers, publishers and consumers with the redesign of the SearchMonkey search gallery and enhanced results in organic results. Contributing to the products success, increasing search result interactivity and user engagement up to 15% in 2008.

• Worked directly with senior leaders to construct the interaction and visual design on dozens of third party applications including Yelp, LinkedIn, Myspace, Facebook, IMDB and more.

• Founded the concept, prototype and design to "Open Vertical Suggest" inside the search assist layer to present rich structured data, actions and fast navigational query search.



  • Micah Alpern, Director of Search User Experience
  • Amit Kumar, Director, Product Management
  • Larry Cornett, Vice President, Consumer Products
  • Tom Chi, Senior Director of User Experience in Search
  • Alice Han, Senior User Experience Designer
  • Kara McCain, Sr. Visual / Interaction Designer
  • Joey Primiani, User Experience Design Intern
Date: 2008
Client: Yahoo!
Role: User Experience Design Intern, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Creative Direction