Google X

Google X

Created simple and intuitive user-centered interfaces from complex airspaces to empower everyone to safely access the skies.

Designing for end consumers in Australia, I helped solve business problems and user pain points that were unique to drones, including: 

• Lack of in-app signup • Confusion around what delivery spots are • Stuck at checkout & drop offs • Large images get harder to browse & need to develop partner trust • Customization takes long time

As a lead product designer, I worked on Wing mobile app refresh and new features, including typography, color palette, design system, new user signup, shopping, delivery spot, checkout, multi-drone delivery, and order tracking. I closely collaborated with 6+ ENG, 1 PM, 2 Marcom, CX, 2 UXR, and legal, resulting in 30k successful signup, 46% same day new user checkout conversion rate, 320k deliveries, and 77% successful checkout rate.

Date: 2022
Client: Google X, Wing
Role: Senior Product Designer
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