• Intuit Wear on Android 360 and Apple Watch (Add Watch Portfolio Work)
  • Led, designed and launched the new and worked with hundreds of teams to design and launch products with mission to make Intuit Labs the “external face of Intuit’s Innovation System”
  • Launched dozens of Intuit Labs projects and worked with employees on delivering customer benefit and launching their passion projects
  • Launched the successful Apple Watch and Android Wear apps for the official Quickbooks, Mint and TurboTax on the app store
  • Delivered new wearable designs and prototypes for the Innovation and Advanced Technology Group (iAT)
  • Design Lead teams of Incubation Weeks, Gallery Walks for Intuit Labs
  • Delivered and pushed on Intuit’s brand for marketing materials that feel modern, fun, fresh and clean Worked with Sketch, Photoshop and HTML/CSS to implement and deliver and adhered to the Build, Test, Learn Lean Startup Methodologies
  • Innovation Catalyst (IC) and mentored many UI / UX designers across the company