Rule #1 at Google: Focus on the user and all else will follow.

  • User Experience Design for Google Search on iPad and iPhone. 
  • Designed the first OpenSocial gadgets on the iGoogle personalized homepage. 
  • Improved the overall experience on the iGoogle gadget directory and designed features to increase gadget discovery and improve user engagement across the entire Google network.
  • Designing detailed oriented interaction and visual design interfaces, and keeping them user-friendly, adhering to Google's look and feel, simple, fun, friendly, modern, clean, intuitive, lightweight and accessible.



  • Illustrations: Meomi
  • Art Direction: Cuban Council
  • Google Product Manager: Rose Yao
  • Product Marketing/Management: Brit (Bohnet) Morin
  • Software Engineer: Sophia Han
  • Google User Experience Designer: Jen (Kozenski) Devins
  • User Experience Designer Intern: Joey Primiani
Date: 2009
Client: Google
Role: User Experience Design Intern, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Creative Direction
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